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4 Things Your Dog Wants You to Stop

dog bath
I know you love your dog just like I do, but, if we are honest, we do a lot of things that we might not really put to much thought into. Or, at least, we might not be thinking from their perspective. 
They love us so unconditionally and put up with a lot. Yes, even the spoiled ones. They are the ones learning to live with us more than we learn to live with them.
Let's just take a minute to ponder some things that might not really be for them as much as we think.
  1. Bathing. They don't care to smell like roses and in fact, they can hardly tolerate being bathed and sprayed with fragrant products. Sydney decided this one needs to be number one because it can be really irritating and not so great for their health. Not all dogs hate baths, but, in many households, dogs are being bathed way too often. Most dog groomers are using products that contain parabens and other toxic chemicals. If your dog smells like a perfume counter, they aren't happy. Find a happy medium that is better for your dog. Sydney is in the tub in the above picture because she decided to play with a skunk. That's where I draw the line.
  2. Rushing them to "go potty". I'm not sure this needs much explanation other than put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel about going to the bathroom with someone hovering over incessantly saying "go potty" over and over?
  3. Kissing them on the face. Okay, look, I am super duper guilty of this multiple times per day. Early on I explained to Sydney she can consider it her rent. Almost 9 years of it, she is conditioned to like it now. But, seriously, dogs don't love it. They become accustomed to it like they do with a lot of our lifestyle habits. Can we just acknowledge that they tolerate our way of expressing love to them because they have learned that it makes us act happy?
  4. Leaving the TV on for noise while you are away. They are meant to sleep 14-16 hours per day. They enjoy the quiet and it helps them do the job they naturally do. It is their natural instinct to protect the home, so, they are going to bark sometimes when you aren't home. It doesn't mean they are stressed or anything other than it's their nature. Some dogs can actually be stressed out by Animal Planet. 

So, there you go. Some food for thought. I like to get people thinking about their animal's perspective. They have natural instincts that we aren't thinking about all the time. I encourage you to learn as much as you can about the natural instincts of your pet and do what you can to preserve a little for them.

What are your thoughts? Do you do something that you know drives your pet crazy? Please share below.

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