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April Fool's Day

Here we are in April where the showers are to bring flowers. Let's not forget something awesome about April. April fools. I guess that depends on your April fools experience.

April fool's day brings good memories for me. It is the one day a year that is geared toward having a healthy sense of humor. I realize for some, there may be an April fool's experience that left you with trauma. I am no stranger to the prank. I have survived the pranks of the past and it made some people very happy and proud of themselves, which makes it all worth it.

My favorite April fool's joke was orchestrated by one of my greatest mentors and a man who was instrumental in the Sydney Sleep Mattress becoming a reality.

He was a great man and I miss his pranks...or more so, how proud he was of himself when he pulled it off well. The man reminded me to have fun with my work. What bigger lesson is there in life?

This picture is one of our last meetings together when he was testing the Sydney Sleep Mattress. He would be very happy with the finished product. This was the last prototype just before the Sydney Sleep Mattress that you know and love today.

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