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Boundaries, Communication & Real Estate make a Happy Dog

I have had a lot of conversations with people about where their dogs sleep. I often get a horrified look when I tell people that Sydney does not sleep in my bed or on the furniture any time she wants to.

The reaction surprises me. I am the creator of the best dog bed on the planet, after all.

Let me first come clean and say that I have allowed dogs to have the run of the house before. I am not against dogs sleeping on the furniture or in your bed.

However, I am for having a well-adjusted dog that understands his or her place in the pack. This creates confidence in your dog as well as safety.

Let's face it. We humans are not the best communicators on the planet. Even when we communicate openly without language barriers human to human, we assume things and project our own judgments. Imagine adding in the stress of being a different species and trying to understand what this human wants from you.

Our pets adjust to our world. We don't adjust to their world. Sure we adjust to having them around somewhat, but, we aren't the one changing our built-in instincts to co-exist. They have quite a challenge in determining what our language means. We are generally inconsistent which makes it take longer to figure us out. We don't use consistent terms. We assume they get what we are saying and any behavior we label as bad, we give it a human reason and think that when we tell them they are bad and they look guilty that they get it and they understand not to do it again.

The undesirable behavior more than likely started because of a miscommunication on our part. We have a hard time looking at behaviors, expressions and body language in a non-human way. So much of what we think we understand we don't, but, they adapt anyway.

One of the best ways to improve communication with your pet is to choose some boundaries to communicate clearly and consistently every single time. One of the simplest boundaries to create is furniture. I am not saying your dog cannot ever get on the furniture. What I am suggesting is that it be per invitation only. 

Two years ago Sydney was sprayed by a skunk and there was just no way I wanted to have her in the bed or on the couch. I had already set boundaries from the time she was a puppy, but, I had moved a few times and she had to experience some life changes and my human brain somewhere along the line decided that I would lose all the boundaries to make it easier for her. In reality, she was more confused.

When she was sprayed by the skunk and I needed those boundaries again, it was confusing for her at first, but, only for a few days. She remembered and was comfortable with what I had taught her.

Sydney knows that she has her own (several actually) Sydney Sleep Mattresses and there are no rules when it comes to her places. She also knows that she will be invited onto the couch to watch TV with me on occasion and she is happy when that occurs, but, she isn't expecting it. I don't invite her up when she has begged or attempted to herself. I invite her up randomly when she is comfortable doing something else or resting on her own bed. 

I do this for better communication with her, but, I also do this because I don't want to have to replace my furniture because she spends 14-18 hours a day on it. The oils in their coat will ruin your furniture.

I do this also because I know there will be a day that she cannot get up onto the furniture by herself. She is not my first dog. I have been through it before. The Sydney Sleep Mattress is designed with this day in mind. 

The less you have to change in your aging dog's life the better. Boundaries are an act of love in many ways and your dog needs their very own piece of real estate in your home.

Do you agree?

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