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How Your Dog Would Choose Their Veterinarian

Dog vet

Most likely your pet cannot talk so, how do you choose a vet that is best for your pet when there are so many to choose from?

That's what we do here. We approach issues from the pet's perspective to help humans make decisions that are best for their pets. In this article I share with you some considerations to help you choose a veterinarian where your pet will be comfortable and cared for.


As woo-woo as the word energy can sound, it is exactly how your dog interprets it's world. Have you ever come home from a really bad day and without talking to anyone or making a sound, your dog senses something and somehow it seems they are trying to comfort you?

We also act on energy. You know how it feels when someone is upset, but, they have not said that they are?

Notice how your dog acts with your vet. If your dog has a tendency not to like people, try not to judge too harshly with this one. 

Physical Space

Going to the vet is stressful for most pets. It shouldn't be and does not have to be. There are so many things about veterinary clinics that can add stress and discomfort to the experience. Think about things like hard floors, scales and exam tables. They can all be slippery and cold. What do they do to make it more comfortable and easier to navigate for your pet?

If you have a large dog and your vet doesn't come down to the floor rather than place them on the table, that is adding stress that is unnecessary. I am not saying it is never necessary to use a table. If your vet seems unaware of discomfort and the physical space isn't on their radar, that would be a hard no for me.


We all have uniqueness in what triggers anxieties and animals are no different. For instance, Sydney loves going to the vet. I happen to think we have the most incredible vet on the planet, so, that's no surprise she loves it. However, we learned that if alcohol was used before drawing blood it triggers fear and she becomes unwilling to work with us.

My vet and her amazing team made this discovery and now they make sure never to use alcohol. Your vet should be thinking long term. Dogs remember everything. It will make their lives easier when having to treat them down the road and more importantly your pet will be happier and healthier without added stress.

Some vets will not do nail trims because so many dogs hate it and it causes traumatic memories. Other vets get more aggressive with the restraining techniques. Choose a vet that does not use a one size fits all approach.

In conclusion

I am passionate about creating a happy and healthier life for pets in a natural way. There are other considerations for me when choosing a vet. I choose to use a veterinarian that uses a holistic approach. I also know and highly recommend some veterinarians that are using a traditional medical approach. I am lucky enough to know vets that are open to both and work well integrating. Check out the vets tab for some of my favorites.

I originally created the Sydney Sleep Mattress for my own pets but discovered veterinarians not only recommend it for all dogs, they use it in their clinics for treatments and patient recovery after surgery. Let me know if you would love for your vet to start using it in their practice too! 





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