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It's Not All About Hemp

hempWhen it comes to pet products, there aren't regulations like there are for human products.  Unfortunately, without regulations, the only information we see when purchasing pet products is marketing.

I am not sure if it's a blessing or a curse, but, I instinctively always want to dig deeper. It is definitely a blessing for those of you who have the Sydney Sleep Mattress. For me, however, my brain won't stop researching the next pet product that must be replaced.

How often do most people really do the research before making purchases for their furry family members? I don't blame anyone for reading "natural" on a package and wanting to run with it. When you dig a little deeper, it might end up shaking up your world. None of us have time for that. 

I am on a mission to introduce the Sydney Sleep Mattress worldwide. I have done the homework so you don't have to. You can rest assured that I will be the one losing sleep over your pet products so you don't have to.

I talk about the hemp aspect of the Sydney Sleep Mattress so often, it's hard to believe, but, that is not what makes this bed the best. It's the combination of what went into the design and the materials. You have to have both.

I am not the first person to create a dog bed made of hemp. I am the first that didn't stop there. There isn't a bed on the market that can be compared to the Sydney Sleep Mattress apples to apples.

I have done many Google searches, store searches, and pet product expo searches. Today, just to write this blog, I did a quick search on hemp dog bed to see if anyone else has jumped on board yet. Here's what I found:

  • The first 8 beds that came up are not made of hemp at all. In fact, I know someone who purchased the $400 bed that popped up first and she swore to me it was hemp. This was several months ago. I did the research. This bed is "proprietary waterproof fabric" with a foam inner. It is not hemp and more than likely whatever makes it waterproof also makes it off-gas. She also purchased a Sydney Sleep Mattress. Guess which bed the dog chose?
  • After scrolling through all the non-hemp beds that were mostly made of materials that can possibly off-gas and cause cancer and other diseases, I found some beds actually made of hemp. They are still the same beds that were out there years ago when I was researching for beds myself.
  • The first one is a very well known pet product company in the boutique and alternative pet product stores. Most of their toys are made of recycled materials which is what put them on the map. They offered a bed made of hemp and you can still find it when you Google, but, they don't actually offer it anymore. Hemp is very expensive. Which means profit margins are tough to hit for retail stores. Also, this bed was really just a glorified pillow. It was not supportive and didn't have much else to offer. To me, that is a waste of expensive fabric.
  • Then, there is a company making multiple hemp products for dogs. I love that their bed's core is also made of natural fibers, however, it is just a pillow. It is lacking in support. It is expensive and it is not going to be nearly as durable as the Sydney Sleep Mattress. The price tag is over $80 for a small bed that is really just a pillow. The large is $140 and still smaller than the Sydney Sleep Mattress.

I didn't post this to rag on other products or to complain about the pet product industry. I think it's important that consumers know what to look for. I am particularly passionate about dog beds because the industry is so flooded with garbage and dogs spend the majority of their lives sleeping. 

If there is an area as important as your dog's nutrition, it is their sleep environment. Invest in their health and well-being. It's something you will never regret.

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