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The Matter of Manners: They Matter

Your dog's manners are more important than you think and it isn't about you, it's about them. Some people train their dogs so that it appears they don't do anything that isn't on command and some people have dogs that run the show completely. No judgment here either way.

It really isn't anyone's business how you train your dog unless you act irresponsibly and endanger your dog or others. I am writing this post because I think there are misunderstandings about why every dog living with humans needs some kind of training. It isn't for you. It does benefit you and everyone that encounters your dog, but, the intention behind training your dog works a lot better when it is about their safety, health, and happiness.

An untrained dog is confused and can live in a low-grade state of anxiety because they don't understand their place in the pack (You and your family are the pack.) If they don't understand clear boundaries and are always having to read your body language it isn't easy.

Look at it this way. Anyone work for or are in a relationship with someone that seems to change their expectations of you as fast as the wind changes? It causes a constant state of insecurity because you cannot predict what actions and behaviors secure your paycheck or peace each week.

I know dogs that have lived with this low level of anxiety that they become used to their entire lives. I know that nobody does this to their pets purposely. I think some people are just overwhelmed with the task of training because so many training methods have an all or nothing sort of approach.

You get to decide what is best for you and your pet as far as what kind of training and how you will train them. Just think about what situations your dog is going to be in and what do they need to be able to do in order for the environment to remain peaceful and safe for everyone?

Where do you and your dog stand on training and communication? It isn't easy being a pet parent. Is there an area you need help with? Comment below. 


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