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Rosie - Sydney Sleep Mattress Dog of the Week

Meet Rosie. She is a 6-year-old Cattle Dog mix. She weighs 31 pounds. Check out what her mom has to say about the Sydney Sleep Mattress.

"I purchased the Sydney Sleep Mattress in November 2018 and couldn’t be more pleased.  It didn’t take Rosie any time at all to check it out. I’ve been told that animals are drawn to natural fibers, but now I’m a true believer.   Rosie has the run of the house and up until now, you could pretty much always find her on the couch. But since the Sydney Sleep Mattress arrived – that has become her new napping spot of choice pretty much all the time.  Even when I moved the bed out of the living room to a different room, away from the couch and me she went right in and plopped herself down on the Sydney sleep mattress. I never thought I’d see Rosie choose any dog bed over the couch, and I’m pretty excited to say I was wrong!  And the frosting on the cake – it’s made of natural non-toxic materials that add to Rosie’s health and comfort, and my peace of mind. Thank you Creative Pet Solutions!"

I have a personal goal to get a picture of every dog or pet that has a Sydney Sleep Mattress to put on my wall. If you have the Sydney Sleep Mattress and haven't yet sent in a picture with a little story, I would love to hear from you. I want to see the beautiful creatures that have a little piece of my heart. Email me at or you can post on our facebook page.

If you don't have one yet but have been wishing your dog hadn't taken over the furniture, you may want to take advantage of the introductory pricing while there is still time. It's a $160 savings and we are only offering it during the launch to get the word out. The code is INTRO.

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