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Top 3 Gifts for Dogs

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One of my favorite things about Sydney is her curiosity. She remembers everything. If you get something new in your house she will notice and her curiosity makes her very nosey.

This makes gift-giving with her more entertaining than any other pet I have ever had and I am looking forward to wrapping up some fun things for her this year.

So this week let me share with you three of the top gifts for dogs. Don't tell your dog, but, these picks aren't just for them, they are for you too. ;)


1. Toys

Most dogs love toys. Watching a dog play is joyful and it's pretty easy to get caught up in buying toys that make us laugh or we think are adorable. Be careful when buying, though. The cuter and more colorful or detailed toys tend to be made with synthetic materials that may not be good for your dog. They do not care about the color or how cute a toy is.

Some of Syd's favorite toys aren't cute at all, but, they are made of natural fibers and I can be confident that she isn't being exposed to dyes materials that off-gas toxins.

Look for toys that are made of natural fibers. If the cuteness factor is really important to you check out Wooly Wonkz handmade wool toys. They are adorable, handmade and natural.


2. Apparel

When I talk about apparel for animals it is strictly in a functional sense. If you don't live in a cold climate, your dog does not need apparel. As much as I would love to share a product that is made of natural fibers, I don't have one. Most pets will only be wearing jackets and sweaters when they go outside, so, when it comes to apparel, I am more concerned about fit and comfort than material. My absolute favorite company for apparel is Voyager's K9 Aparrel. They offer breed-specific fits and custom fitting. Sydney's belly doesn't have much coverage on it and she loves the belly warmer.

3. Dog Beds

I put my heart and soul into creating the very best dog bed on the planet. I didn't set out to. I just want the best for my dogs. Dogs need a place of their own to sleep. They sleep up to 18 hours a day. That's a lot of time to spend on something that does not support their skeletal system and is made of materials that can off-gas toxins that are absorbed into their skin and lungs. I created the bed to be part of a plan to prevent disease and support wellness while also making pet guardian's lives easier. Dogs love the hemp material and the versatility allows for all kinds of sleepers. Add blankets and pillows or leave it be. Phenomenal for older arthritic dogs. Proactive and smart for young active pups.

There you have it. If you have a dog on your holiday gift list this year you won't go wrong with one of these choices. Better products can be pricier, but, consider them an investment in your pet's well-being. 

I have no affiliation with my recommendations above aside from being the creator of the Sydney Sleep Mattress. I am unable to offer any discounts for toys and apparel, but, I can help you out with a nice holiday discount on your Sydney Sleep Mattress purchase. Use code SANTA19 for 19% discount from now until Christmas day.

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