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Turbo's Anxiety and Arthritis Relief


This would be why I work seven days a week to launch the Sydney Sleep Mattress. Sometimes I need the reminder. They love unconditionally, they deserve a good life and a place to rest that feels good on their bones. Read Turbo's story below:

"Turbo is a 15-year-old mixed breed dog who was abandoned at approximately one and a half years old.  Turbo came to our home over 13 years ago with extremely high anxiety.  He required much patience and was difficult to comfort through the years, only being comforted by being in contact with his owners.  He was a very energetic dog in his youth, able to jump a six-foot fence without issue.  Through the years, he has developed arthritis which has dramatically decreased his physical abilities.  Over the years we have purchased many dog beds in hopes that Turbo would like one that could provide him with a comfortable place to rest, reduce his anxiety, and limit his attempts to jump onto furniture due to his arthritis and fear of resulting accidents.  Despite spending hundreds of dollars and experimenting with several different types of beds, he did not like or utilize any of them and continued to pace around the house clearly stressed.  On another note, the other dog in the home would frequently utilize these dog beds as chew toys resulting in a huge mess in the house much to our dismay. 

After reading about the Sydney Sleep Mattress and the research that went into the development, we skeptically agreed to purchase just one more dog bed.  For the first few days, Turbo looked at the bed suspiciously and walked around the perimeter of it.  Today, Turbo can be found comfortably relaxing on the Sydney Sleep Mattress!  He does not have to shift his position, as he does in other locations, in attempts to discover a level of comfort.  We are thankful that Creative Pet Solutions has provided such a gift to our elderly dog, providing him with a comfortable and safe location.  As an added benefit, the other dog, Pippa, has not attempted to utilize this bed as any type of chew toy which has never occurred before." 

I am so happy Turbo has found relief. If your dog suffers from joint issues or anxiety this is the best time to get the Sydney Sleep Mattress. You can get the special introductory pricing. Once our inventory from our first run is gone, so is the intro pricing. Save $130 now.


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