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Why the Sydney Sleep Mattress?

Prototype of Sydney Sleep MattressAbout 15 years ago I was diagnosed with a chronic incurable disease that was wreaking havoc on my life. That is when I really began to awaken to the issues of how our environment and our diet had a direct impact on our overall well-being. I had made many changes with my own health in mind and experienced a huge turnaround. I defied what doctors told me would be possible.

I won't lie. I became obsessed with everything that went into my body and in my environment for a while. It may have been a little over the top. Not without good reason, though. I was like the canary in the cave. If you were curious about something having a negative impact on health, send me in. My body would react immediately.

I started looking at the bigger picture including everything in my pets' lives.

I set out to find products for my dogs that weren't full of materials that off-gassed and had studies showing those materials were linked to cancer.

Guess what I found? NOTHING! If something had a label that told you what they were made of it was because they were "environmentally friendly" and proud to market as such. 

I assumed that environmentally friendly also meant health friendly. Wrong. That is not the case. I think some things are getting better now, but, back when I started on this journey, it seemed like as long as something recycled was involved, it was labeled eco-friendly and suggesting it was good for your dog because it was good for the planet. Just because something is saved from going into a landfill, doesn't make it a healthful choice for your dog to sleep or chew on.

So, to get to the long-winded answer to the question why did I create the Sydney Sleep Mattress? I realized I had a problem and I wanted to solve it.

My dogs needed dog beds that didn't suck. The first problem I thought about was their health, but, if I was going to fix that problem, I might as well fix all the other problems I had with the many dog beds I have owned over the years. I created the Sydney Sleep Mattress to fix the following problems.

  1. Materials are toxic and off-gas substances that have been known to cause cancer and other diseases. I did the research and found the perfect natural fiber that animals are drawn to...hemp. 
  2. Washability. Let's face it. Dogs are dirty creatures. They lick. They leak. They shed. Sure you can wash the cover of most beds. Good luck getting it back on. But, it's not the cover that stores and breeds microorganisms that get trapped. It's the core of the bed. The best you can do with most beds is wash the cover and then spend an afternoon fighting the cover to get it back onto a core that is filled with germs. Gross. The Sydney Sleep Mattress is totally washable AND the cover is anti-microbial and the core is mildew-resistant!
  3. Why on earth do we think our dogs are better off with a pillowy soft sinkable surface to sleep on? We have a skeletal system just like they do and we know that there is no way our bodies would not start to ache and breakdown if we slept on a bean bag chair for our lifetime. Doesn't matter what size person or mammal with a skeletal system we are talking about. A mattress should support long term skeletal health which is exactly what the Sydney Sleep Mattress does. It is truly orthopedic. I used my education in physical therapy in the design of this product.
  4. Dogs get old faster than we can imagine and when they start to lose their physical ability and mental capacity (just like we do) major changes in their environment just add to the struggle of aging. Just like us, familiarity makes them feel safe and secure. As they age and reach the end of life, they deserve to feel safe and secure. A tall fancy bed, a squishy fluffy bed, our bed, the couch are all things that have to be given up when they lose function. I have done it to my previous dogs. I wanted a bed that would be suitable from puppy to geriatric so as their body is giving out on them, they don't have to go through another tough change. It's how I came up with the low profile and size that is good for just about every size dog.
  5. I need something durable. Not disposable. The cover of our mattress is made from 100% heavyweight hemp canvas.
  6. Dogs sleep differently. I had 3 dogs at one time. They were all different types of sleepers. Bolsters and built-in's didn't allow for the versatility. I don't want my pillows built and neither do animals. The Sydney Sleep Mattress was designed to add pillows and blankets or nothing at all based on your pet's preference. Coming in the future will be moveable bolsters, pillows, and blankets also made of natural fibers. 
  7. Portability. Dog beds that are of any decent size aren't easy to move around. I strategically placed handles on each end so that it can be folded and carried from room to room, used in the car, taken to work. This is great when you have trained your dog the command "place". You can take their "place" everywhere you go and it is comfortable, unlike a rug or mat that are often used.
  8. Don't we all want to chill and watch Netflix with our dogs? I don't always want my dog up on the couch. The Sydney Sleep Mattress allows me to lay on the floor with my dog because it is truly that comfortable and supportive. I have several vets using it in their treatment rooms because it is comfortable for them to be on it while administering treatments. I have actually slept on them myself and I have some friends that can vouch too. The bed is the perfect density for us too.

This is far from an exhaustive list of the benefits of the Sydney Sleep Mattress, but, it is the highlight list of what I set out to do. As this journey of introducing it to the world has been unfolding I have been getting amazing feedback and have learned so many benefits that I never would have thought of myself.

Keep an eye on this blog. I am going to be sharing a Sydney Sleep Mattress users story every week.

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