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Vets Love Our Pet Bed!

Don't take our word for it. Read why vets who have used the Sydney Sleep Mattress love the Sydney Sleep Mattress.

Dr. Nicole Leveque, Natural Healing Pet Care

I recommend the Sydney Sleep Mattress for all of my patients. Many of my patients are coming to me with issues involving the skeletal system such as arthritis and other diseases and disorders. I am thrilled to finally have a mattress that I can put my stamp of approval on that is truly orthopedic. It is supportive, yet comfortable for the pet. They are not too soft which makes it difficult for geriatric dogs to reposition themselves. They get up easier and are not stiff and immobile after long periods of rest. The orthopedic quality of this bed is not the only reason I give it my stamp of approval. The materials used don’t expose the pet to toxins that could be inhaled or absorbed into their skin. In fact, the material is 100% natural hemp and animals are drawn to the natural fiber. I myself sleep on a bed made of organic material. I also love this bed because I like to do my treatments on the floor where the pet is comfortable. It has made it easier and more comfortable for me too! I highly recommend this bed for pets beginning early on to support their skeletal system as they grow and age. It is perfect for all life stages.

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Dr. Kelly Sovey, Davison Vet Hospital

As an integrated veterinary practitioner, practicing both TCVM and conventional medicine, I highly recommend the Sydney Sleep Mattress. I have utilized the mattress to recover patients from medical procedures and with acupuncture and laser therapy patients. It gives patients a warm, comfortable and stable bed to lay on. Using it in a clinical setting the natural fibers, ease of cleaning and durability are important aspects. The most meaningful patient and pet parent use of the mattress has been during end of life care. The design of mattress allows pet parents to hold or lay with their pet without stress or discomfort or impeding the veterinary caregivers.

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Dr. Meagan Szarek

There are many dog beds on the market, so why not be extra picky about what your own dog sleeps on? As a veterinarian and owner of a geriatric St. Bernard, there are a lot of aspects about dog beds that I scrutinize when shopping for a new dog bed. The Sydney Sleep Mattress is a great composition because it is very comfortable. My dog is content to lay on it for long periods of time, but it is also firm enough to support his weight. His elbows and hips do not bottom out when he curls up or stretches to lay flat. What further impresses me about the particular material is that he can easily stand up and walk out of the bed. We’ve tried many other orthopedic mattresses in the past that did not work out. Other mattresses proved difficult when my dog would stand up and try to walk away because the beds were too plush and compressible. He would stumble or have to maneuver just right and work really hard get up. That is too difficult for a 10-year-old St. Bernard with hip dysplasia to do on a daily basis. The Sydney Sleep Mattress has been the perfect balance for him. There are so many other facets about the bed that I love, from the organic, biodegradable material, to the extremely easy way it washes. But the comfort of my dog is paramount, not only as a dog owner, but also as a veterinarian who understands the orthopedic issues that come with aging. The Sydney Sleep Mattress is easy to tote from home to work so I often bring it with me when my group brings in their dogs. Frequently, the other older dog in our group can be found sleeping on the Sydney Sleep Mattress, even though his mom brings his own bed, too.